A Sweet Welcome

The name sweet betweens is about the two most important aspects of this particular venture –

1. An obsession with desserts of the sandwich variety – namely cookie sandwiches and whoopie pies. Sweet baked ends sandwiching sweetly balanced betweens; and

2. A balance that I [Alexandra] live in my own day-to-day. I try to find the sweet spot between the Eastern culture I grew up in and the Western one with which I’m surrounded today.

This is my matryoshka logo. My mom is a first-generation American with parents from Russia. She has several wooden matryoshka dolls that she grew up with that I’ve been lucky to inherit. When thinking of a logo for my business and blog, I kept coming back to these sweet dolls that allude to the “sweet between” through their nesting nature. I also have two matryoshka tattoos that I’ll share on the blog eventually that pretty much exemplify my east//west balance, but in full-color on my arms.

I hope you’ll enjoy following along as I share my obsessions with the sweet + savory, books + movies that move me, my [currently failing] attemps to be crafty + creative and my love for my current hometown of Nashville.


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