A Crafty Ninja

…or three!

I’m an obsessive pin[terest]er. While I do often bring my foodie + fashion pins to life, the craft-related pins tend to languish on their boards, gathering virtual interwebs dust.

I want to change this, but rather than commit to stocking a closet full of Mod Podge, glitter + paintbrushes, Paper Source has provided me with a happy medium. While browsing the Nashville brick-and-mortar in Green Hills recently I found this seemingly easy enough to assemble, cute and [bonus!]  customizable ninja kit.

Given that The Husband and I like to have a bit of quirk + whimsy in our home, I picked up the kit and recently put together 3 of the 6 ninjas to add a bit of “what the….?” to our decor.

I hung the ninjas on The Husband’s drop box as a little “welcome home!” surprise the other day. They’ve since found new homes, and I have a feeling I’ll have some regular updates on these guys [who need names!] as The Husband and I have begun a lil’ game of hide-and-seek around the house with the three.

[yep, that’s a chalkboard wall. and yep, that says “KRAP! We Need” in comic-book style letters. More on this crafty wall to come, I promise!]

…so, sweet seekers. Have you been getting crafty lately? Any ‘pinned-it-and-did-it’ adventures? Crafty recommendations? Do tell…



PS : I’ve made these sweet little owl place cards with a dear friend before. An ideal craft to do over tea or cocktails. [Who am I kidding?! Definitely cocktails. Those owls could get pretty funky with some tipsy crafters behind them!]

PPS: These are next on my to-craft list. Sock monkeys aren’t just for kids, y’all!

  1. Lesley said:

    I love this! It’s like the Elf on the Shelf that we do with the kids at Christmas time, but these are cool ninjas we an do year round!
    PS- cant wait to hear about the chalkboard wall!

    • Yes! The Husband has a great Elf on the Shelf story from one of his colleagues I’ll have to share next time we hang out. The ninjas are awesome, though. And totally year-round appropriate. Definitely check out Paper Source in Green Hills or online ’cause you might find more goodies to use with the kiddos!


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