Friday Round-Up

[eye candy]

I just came across this stunning food blog called, i am a food blog [appropriate, yes?] and I’m highly recommending you add this to your feed immediately. Even if you aren’t inspired to make the recipes yourself, I do believe you’ll be inspired to EAT well, wherever you may be!

This picture + recipe is my favorite of the more recent additions to the blog.

[not too shabby a corner office view]

The Kitchn recently had a Makers Tour feature on a salt-harvester named Ben from the North Oregon Coast. Don’t think you can beat that view, do you?


[photo from flickr user makelessnoise]

A forward-thinking group called One People * One Sky * One Star at a Time is working towards establishing a star park in every city of the United States. What’s a star park, you ask? Defined by the organization, it is “a window to the firmament that each community voluntarily designates to enjoy the starry night sky. Its function is to claim and secure the right to starlight, especially for future generations.” Apparently buildings, structures, etc. nearby either voluntarily turn off their lights starting at certain hours each evening or use an adapted light fixture that shields most of the glare that normally prevents you from being able to see the stars at night in big, bright cities. Something you believe in? Visit the groups website to learn more.

[beautiful bites]

I’m itching to have a cookie making party to make these beauties, recently featured on One Charming Party. Who wants to join me?


So now it’s your turn….

**A simple donut made beautiful. What are some of your favorite pictures of food? Sandwich scans? Or for you food bloggers, what foods never live up on camera to how amazing they taste?**

**If you could have a dream food-crafter job what would it be? Salt harvester? Chocolate maker? Fruit preserver//jammer? **

**Have you been inspired by an organization trying to make the world a bit of a better place lately? Which one? What are they doing?**

**Cookie decorating is a tried and true event for a food making party. Have you hosted or attended any others that were wild successes or maybe even massive failures? Pasta making? Pizza dough throwing?**

Share your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to chat!



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