Favorite Eats [Vol. 01]

No bones about it, I like to eat. Here are some of my favorite local, non-local + homemade eats.

There’s something about oatmeal when someone else makes it for you. Warm, comforting + a perfect balance of fresh, tart fruit + sweet maple syrup. This beautiful bowl is from Ugly Mugs.

My favorite breakfast to make at home is farina/cream of wheat. Add some salted butter + dried cranberries – mmm mmm mmmm!

Salty, crispy fried veggie spring rolls from Vietnam [Philadelphia, PA]. Wrap them up with some pickled daikon, mint + cucumber in a cold iceberg lettuce leaf and proceed to stuff. your. face!

When summer tomatoes are at their peak, I make my egg salad sandwiches salad-less [no mayo]. Just stack slices of warm just-boiled eggs, onion + tomatoes on some toasty whole grain bread and top with a pinch or two of crunchy sea salt.

Do not ever visit Asheville, NC and not eat at Tupelo Honey and not have a biscuit + their lemonade-of-the-season [this one’s Rosemary]. Seriously, don’t.

My father-in-law opened my previously-naive eyes to this, the most perfect of movie theatre treats. When with The Husband I have to forgo the carcinogen-laden extra pumps of “butter flavor”, but that’s ok ’cause there’s enough salty-sweet in this bucket to last me through an epic 3-hour shoot-em-up flick.

Can’t ever go wrong with ice cream, ‘specially when it’s Jenis. I usually go for tried and true Salty Caramel, but this time I went with Sweet Corn Black Raspberry and Pumpkin Amaretti. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

The only regret I have with Pinkberry is that I’d been eating it so long without honey on top! It gets cold and freezes a bit when it hits the [original tart, always!] yogurt and becomes a perfectly chewy texture. Great bonus to all the fruit + nuts you can load up on!

So what about you? What are your favorite eats?

  1. Popcorn with M&Ms is my absolute favorite snack on the planet. In a bind, I replace the M&Ms w chocolate chips…. (I’ve done that twice this week already!)

    • Oh man. We saw a movie last night last-minute and I indulged. The Husband is often not fairly proportional with his m&m-to-kernel ratio so if I don’t scarf at the beginning I’m stuck with lots of lonely popcorn. Do you have a favorite pop-at-home brand?

  2. ooh, that oatmeal from ugly mugs look fab! my favorite super local eat is the lyle’s surprise sandwich from The Silly Goose – sooo good!

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