Here, Piggy Piggy

I’ve alluded to The Chalkboard Wall that’s at Casa Sweet Betweens already [as seen, in part, here]. Since it’s a transformative, always work-in-progress, I thought I’d share bits and pieces with you over time.

We have a very open, high-ceilinged layout on the main floor of our house. Helping separate our kitchen from the rest of the living area a little bit is this 3/4-high wall that wraps around the refrigerator nook in the kitchen. Enamored by the chalkboard trend, painting the whole wall section with black chalkboard paint was one of the first DIY’s The Husband and I undertook after we moved in to the house in 2011. [Ha! Who are we kidding. The Husband deserves all the credit for creating The Chalkboard Wall. I do not paint. Walls, that is.].

If you haven’t noticed yet, I [and The Husband] operate highly on sarcasm and snark. Since I became a pretty strict vegetarian the year we married, and since The Husband is a born-and-raised-and-currently-existing meat + potatoes mid-Western boy, it became a point of many conversations between us, with our families and with our friends, both old and new.

We both liked the style of those old-fashioned butcher cut charts that had been surfacing a lot in restaurants, home decor, etc. so The Husband took a spin and came up with this :

We both came up with a list of common vegetarian-friendly protein and grain sources and, voila! A quick google images search for a sample chart, a ladder, some Crayola sidewalk chalk and an hour of free time resulted in this.

It is the *only* part of The Chalkboard Wall that has remained constant since the day The Wall was made. We love it and often shuffle folks into the kitchen, even if they’re just a neighbor dropping off mail that ended up down the street a few houses, just to watch them laugh and enjoy our little fun-poking.

Now, if you had a chalkboard wall [or do!], what would you put on it?

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