Favorite Humans [of New York]

A friend of mine [hi, Bora!] recently posted a link to this blog [Humans of New York] on Facebook, mentioning how she hoped to be featured on it one day. Quite like Bill Cunningham from the NY Times “On the Street” feature, or Scott Schuman [also known as The Sartorialist], I imagine there are umpteen New Yorkers hoping to recognize this photographer and have a sliver of their day and life photographed for eternity and a world to see.

I’ve highlighted some of my favorite characters featured on the blog recently below, with some snippets of their stories to go along with the images.

“After the car wash, I became a stock boy. Then, a delivery driver. Five years ago, I got my papers and became a citizen, so now I’m able to work at the airport. At nights, and on my days off, I drive a cab. Just this year I graduated from Brooklyn College with a Masters degree in French. I finished third in my class. Now I think I can become a professor.”

“Appropriately, his name was Dandy Wellington.”

“The mother laughed and said: “Not me, but you can take a picture of her.” The girl immediately assumed a self-satisfied pose.”

“Not sure how well an 80’s pop culture reference will go over, but she looks like part of David Bowie’s army in Labyrinth.”

“Super Monthly Awesome Spectacular Halloween. It’s like Halloween, but once a month!”

I highly recommend you add this blog to your feed or daily website check as you’ll be guaranteed a sweet smile or little chuckle with each view.

Now, who’s going to start a Nashville version?



  1. You’re right, definitely got a chuckle from his photos! So many fascinating people!

    • Isn’t it such a great distraction? I’d love it if someone started something similar for Nashville. Though I’m not sure we could count on as many stories or characters!

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