I [Heart] You Because…

After The Husband added our pig [who needs a name!] to our chalkboard wall over the fridge, I quickly put my signature on the vast expanse of black chalk with an idea I had seen on the time-suck known as Pinterest [join me, here!].

I’m a gift/note/physical token kind of love-r [not in the sensual way, mind you!]. I enjoy sending little packages in the mail and getting gifts for people ‘just because’, and that is often the easiest way for me to recognize that someone cares for me.

I basically set up 2 frames, one on top of the other. One for me [A] to share why I love The Husband [J] and another for him to do the same for me.

As you can see – sometimes we got sappy. Other times? Downright silly.

This is so easy to document [take a quick snap with your camera phone or style it with your DSLR] and then so easy to preserve! Make a photo book on Shutterfly or Pinhole Press or a like site and have months [or years!] of notes to look back on. What a fun anniversary or New Years Eve tradition this could be!



[PS – apologies for the poor pictures. I snapped them on the camera phone before I thought about sharing them on the blog!]

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