The very first incarnation of our actual chalkboard wall [see related posts here: here, piggy piggy [and] i [heart] you because] was used as a signature wall so that guests to our casa could document their visit.

The Husband and I waffled back and forth on either using the area code [615], zip code [37206] or airport code [BNA] for Nashville and decided that since we love to travel and often refer to some of our favorite places by their airport codes [hellooo PDX and HKG!]  we’d go with the latter.

This was easy as pie – prime, paint + then prime again [just follow the instructions included with your can of chalkboard paint] then create your artwork!

We left a red tin bucket full of giant sidewalk chalk by the wall and  as soon as we had neighbors or family visit, held an open house or hosted overnight guests we let them know we’d love for them to sign the wall before they left. We’ve got the signatures of my family from New Jersey, the kiddos of some dear local friends and neighbors that we see on a daily basis.

[notice our dog-sitter who signed in the bottom right corner on behalf of our pooches]

If we had decided to keep this approach active on our wall, we probably would take pictures of the wall once it was just as full of signatures then erase the names and start all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Do you see your name on our Wall of Fame? Have you painted a chalkboard wall/area in your house yet?



  1. I love this idea. There is a whole calender wall painted with chalkboard that I tagged the other day on facebook. It is such a good idea, and so cool looking too, for the crazy busy family on the go!

    • I bet it’d be awesome to do the calendar grid in regular paint over chalkboard – that way when you erase your days for the next month, you don’t have to redo the grid every time! That’s definitely a brilliant idea for a busy family.

  2. Annie said:

    I see my family’s signature up on that wall especially my sweet girls :)

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