Name the Pig! [giveaway]

**post updated : congratulations, #19 – Matt & #3 – Kaitlin! The first person to email me will receive their preferred prize!**

I love the community of friends and bloggers that I’ve grown since starting to blog with sweet betweens. I’ve had so much fun getting inspired by others recipes, food adventures and personal journeys and I’d love for the community to grow. Here’s where you, my readers + followers, come in!

I’ve got two awesome give-aways for two lucky winners!

One, a $15 gift card for iTunes. [going on a road trip for the holidays that are just around the corner? get an audiobook!]

The other, a dozen salted chocolate chip cookie sandwiches delivered or shipped to your door. [headed to an office or neighborhood holiday party? cash in this prize and be the hit of the whole event!]

Here’s all you need to do to be entered in the drawing – leave a comment below with what you think would be the perfect name for our kitchen pig! [previously featured here]

For extra entries into the drawing [yes, this means if is in your favor you *could* win both giveaways!] –

* follow me on twitter [@sweetbetweens] and tweet “help @sweetbetweens name their kitchen pig + win an iTunes gift card or a dozen cookie sandwiches!”. leave a separate comment below when you’ve tweeted.

* ‘like’ sweet betweens [blog] on Facebook. leave a separate comment below when or if you already do.

Contest closes on Friday October 12, 2012 at 12:00 noon CST.

Lots and lots o’ luck!



  1. Claudia said:

    I like Boris Bacon.

  2. Lesley Eats said:

    I tweeted!

  3. Lesley Eats said:

    Huh, I thought I already liked you on FB, but apparently, not. Now I do!

  4. I have a tendency to want to name all pigs, “Babe,” but maybe go with a name that’s already there: TVP (textured vegetable pig). :)

  5. amanda said:

    pig’s name should be Truffle, as he helps you forage good eats in your home kitchen.

  6. Janice said:

    Babe (like from the movie)
    m8usi at yahoo dot com

  7. Lauren said:

    Oh honey. I want your cookies so bad! Porkzilla?

  8. Courtney Perlmutter said:

    And i liked your blog on Facebook….thought i already had (?)…wonder where I’ve been? :) ha.

  9. Courtney Perlmutter said:

    Hmmm…..I saw a pig once named Kevin…as in Kevin Bacon :) !

  10. I’m not sure the gender of said pig, but assuming it’s a lady pig, i’d go with Tammy Swynette. See what I did there? =)

  11. Kaitlin said:

    My vote is to name him Curly because his tail is phenomenal :)

  12. Wen said:

    Wilbur (Charlotte’s Web) since it is “Some Pig” and “Terrific”

  13. Jeff A. said:

    The name of the pig should be:
    Precious (based on the semi-non-fictional novel “Run Piggy Run” which chronicles the struggles of a family torn between their love of bacon and their ongoing struggle to become vegetarians)

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