I was going to start this post with an apology for the radio silence. But honestly? I do not need to apologize. I very consciously took a step back from blogging throughout the holidays up until today [my birthday!] so that I could re-evaluate what I wanted to share in this space.

You see, even as a newbie blogger, with less than 50 posts under my belt, I very quickly got sucked into the world of food blogging and the apparent status quo unintentionally [or intentionally?] established by the most popular bloggers in this niche. You know the ones. They post daily, include dozens of immaculately styled photos of one recipe and are unescapable in each and every one of your social media outlets. There is nothing wrong with that. But that is not what I was nor what I aspire to.

I love food, both the creating and consumption of, but cooking + baking to present multiple recipes a week is not practical for me. You see, my husband has a telecommuting job [read : no office mates] and I am currently looking for a full-time job [know anyone hoping to hire a smart + experienced grant manager, program director or volunteer coordinator? I know someone!]. All that to say when I bake a luscious cake recipe that serves 12 or cook an epic stew that yields more than 8 servings, my husband and I find ourselves swimming in food that just does not get eaten because we cannot pack up the extras and share them with our co-workers!

I also have many passions other than food that I would like to write about and photograph to share in this little space on the web. My husband and I travel as often as we can afford, I spend most of my free time [when I’m not networking over a morning latte at Barista Parlor or submitting my resume to local opportunities over tea at Ugly Mugs] at the Nashville Humane Association socializing and caring for rescued dogs and enjoy crafting, reading and movie-watching more than I would probably care to admit.

Shauna [most well-known as the Gluten-Free Girl] recently wrote about her struggle to stop being a “food blogger” and be who she wants, to write about what inspires her and when it inspires her [not on a schedule]. Read this post, in its entirety. I promise it is worth your time. And then starting thinking about how you will begin to “accept the warm rays of the sun.”

I am thankful I read Shauna’s thoughts before I got too deep into essentially conforming into a stereotype or box that is just not me.

So I hope you will continue to journey along with me. I already have plans and drafts to post about my husband + I’s recently trip to Asheville, some ‘about me’ posts thanks to some excellent [read : blackmail-worthy] photos from the 1980’s and 1990’s I scanned when I was home over the holidays and yes, some delicious and delectable recipes that I have recently made.

I am no longer on Instagram or on Facebook, so you can reach me quickly and directly via email or twitter.



PS – I will, however, apologize for the apparently constantly in-flux template for this blog of mine. I am going to be working with Lindsay and Taylor of Purr Design [and Love & Olive Oil] to create and establish a new design and framework for my blog in the next few months. So in the meantime, I want to keep things fairly simple + nondescript and determine what I will truly need out of this space.

  1. I personally cannot stand the blogs that are SO predictable. The have a post up every single M-F. Bleh. To be honest, I don’t have time for that. I don’t read blogs everyday. I’m at the point now where if I open my Google Reader 1x a week that’s a huge accomplishment. So, I’d rather read a blog where someone is posting because they have something they WANT to share, not necessarily that they need to “get a post up”.

    • It’s a relief to know that I’m not the only one that feels that way. You can tell when someone is truly invested in their writing + posting, right? Hope this change will challenge me to be more thoughtful and intentional in my own. xo, @

  2. Good for you! A blog can be whatever you want it to be! Share what you want and what makes you special!! And bring on the pictures, blackmail or not. We all have them. I’ve kinda enjoyed adding some derpy pics to mine lately.

    • Thanks K! Pictures forthcoming – next week begins the onslaught. I love the derpy pictures of myself and always kind of roll my eyes when my family or friends freak out when I dig one up from the archives that includes them. :) xo, @

  3. Lesley Eats said:

    I understand exactly what you mean. I’m fortunate; I started blogging about food just to answer people’s questions about what I eat. I never got into it to make money or be famous. People really don’t ask me what I eat any more, so I use my blog mostly as a catalog of my favorite recipes. That said, I hate when I start to feel the pressure to write something wonderful or take a great photo instead of just share a few thoughts and a recipe. Building an audience is an exhausting job and that’s just not why I want to blog. So, I feel ya! And I’ll keep reading. But don’t leave Pinterest, okay? I love your pins!

    • Thanks for sharing your blogging journey, Lesley! It’s nice to know that even in the limited time I’ve been involved in this thing called blogging that I’m not alone in the struggle I’ve been feeling. Lots of weight lifted and I am so much more excited about the plans that lie ahead for sweet betweens. And leave pinterest? Never. That’s my one addiction I will always allow. :) xo, @

  4. I love it… I’m so glad! I’d much rather hear about your own creative musings… that is what makes you a cool blogger! But, that’s also what I do on MY blog, so I can’t say I blame you! ;) I follow bloggers because I think they would be fun friends, or I’m motivated by them… I have a hard time following those that have schedules because it makes me feel guilty! Power on, lady! And I’m looking forward to coffee next week! :)

    • I’m so happy I came to terms with what I was looking for in terms of inspiration in other blogs I read. Those that made me feel guilty [like you said] or those that I inevitably just scanned through to get to the end with the recipe or the cute picture got purged from Reader. Yours is a mainstay, Kate. Obviously an outlet for your passions + interests, which is why I enjoy reading! Can’t wait for coffee, either! xo, @

  5. Adam said:

    I love to watch a flower blossom. Happy birthday, precious.

    • Love you, Adam. Thanks for the support! [and how did I not know about your webpage till now?!] xo, @

  6. sarahsjoys said:


  7. sarahsjoys said:

    I regularly ask myself “Why am I doing this?” and the answer is #1 It’s a fun, creative outlet for me #2 For my kids. I don’t scrapbook or even have photo albums but I hope to self-publish my blog into a book and print a couple of copies that the girls can have one day of family memories, pictures, stories, and recipes. So when I stress out about whether I haven’t blogged in a while, or if I’ve had too many family stories or too many food posts, I always stop and remind myself why I am doing it and who it is for. If anyone else wants to come along for the ride, that is great and it is fun to have people come along and enjoy or appreciate it, but ultimately I can’t post anything based on what I think other people want to see or hear. I have no interest in soliciting sponsors like many bloggers do, and while (in the beginning) I may have daydreamed about being suddenly well known like certain famous bloggers I have come to realize that I would not enjoy that at all. It would be stressful and suck all the joy out of a hobby I love. So, like you said, be YOU! Blog about what YOU want! Figure out why you’re doing it and stick to that. Those of us who want to see what you are up to will enjoy whatever you have to share! :)

    • Sarah – I’m so happy I decided to be honest and straightforward right from the start of my blog refresh. Much like you, though we don’t have kids, I want this to be a scrapbook of sorts. And if, like you said, some people are interested enough to check in from time to time, then great! Welcome! Otherwise, this is for me and I’m going to write what makes me happy. Which, by the way, is evident in your blog and why I follow + am always excited when you have a new post! xo, @

  8. Lindsay said:

    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Second – we’re in the same boat. Maybe we can be each other’s “co-workers” and share food whenever there is a surplus. I’m game if you are! :)

    • Thanks, Lindsay! Let’s definitely connect when we’ve got some surplus. I [and Jeremy!] would love that.

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