Archetype Me

So, let’s be honest here. Do you still sometimes toss a Glamour or Marie Claire magazine on top of your nonfat Greek yogurt and chia kombucha when checking out at the grocery store so you can take one of those quizzes? You know the ones – “Are you normal about PDA?” “Is it a DO or a DON’T?” Or do you revisit your Meyers-Briggs once or twice a year, just to see if things have changed? ‘Cause I would imagine you might. But me? Oh no. Not me. Not whatsoever. [pshyeah right]

I am pretty obsessed with taking personality tests. More often than not, they are succinct, predictable and not impactful outside of the few minutes you spend processing your results. Disappointing waste of time and money [especially for a magazine that will then just get tossed straight into the recycling bin.]

This is where Archetypeme comes in. I came across this new personality quiz/social media/news hybrid website on Cassie’s blog, Back to Her Roots. [lucky for you, she is hosting a giveaway for $50 related to Archetypeme if you visit her blog and follow the directions at the bottom of the giveaway post before February 12th!] It is still relatively new and I just discovered it, so I have not had that much time to explore. What I have seen, though, I like. A lot.

archetype me - alexandra payne

I practically sang when I got my results after taking a short [really – like maybe 3-4 minutes?]. I have never identified so strongly with the results of a personality quiz before. You know that while I am looking for a full time job [which, ahem, would ideally be with a nonprofit organization] I am spending my free time several days a week with Nashville Humane Association. Caregiver + Advocate. That’s me!

Once you have your results, you are immediately taken to your Archetypeme landing page – a page with news snippets, stories and images that are tailored to fit the interests of your three main archetypes. Mine, on the day I initially completed the quiz, looked like these :






From each archetype landing page you have opportunities to share articles + images via social media outlets and save, or bookmark, those that you feel ring exceptionally true to your identity and definition of said archetype. If you add the “it’s me” button to your browser tool bar, you can also clip [or pin as it operates much like the “pin it” button from Pinterest] articles, pictures, etc. that you find in your own web reading that you think relate to your archetypes.

So which archetypes are you? Sign up + take the quiz [it is all free] and connect with me on the Archetypeme website. Would love to see you there and how we might be similar or different!



    • It’s kinda’ fun, huh? Hope the news/media feature will grow. It’ll be interesting to see where the website goes in the next few months. Keeping it open in my browser to check in on it here and there. xo, @

  1. That’s so cool! I’m 27% Intellectual, 22% Caregiver, 31% Athlete (big surprise right?!), 20% other.

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