Nashville Humane Association – Dogs of the Week

[a quick update from my twice-weekly visit to the Nashville Humane Association, which usually happens on Monday and/or Friday]



(c) Nashville Humane Association/Mike Noble Photography

Morgan is a  sweetheart. A 1 1/2-ish year old Australian Shepherd/Hound mix. She’s warmed up incredibly since being the nervous little pup she was upon arrival at NHA. When outside she’s always eager to greet all the other pups on their walks in the NHA yard. Beautiful coat, sweet pink + black nose.



(c) Nashville Humane Association/Mike Noble Photography

Bo! When he sees you and starts wriggling his behind and smiling his happy pup, tongue-hanging out smile, you can’t help but smile back and shout his name. A lab mix to a T, he is full of energy like a 2 year old dog should be, but loves to get his snuggles and belly rubs just the same.



(c) Nashville Humane Association/Mike Noble Photography

Alpha is truly a dog looking for an adventure. The 8 month [puppy!] Pyrenees/Coonhound mix is a galumphing ball of fur + tongue that’s guaranteed to make you smile. Lovely tan, black + white markings and soft floppy ears, Alpha is a sweetie pie.



(c) Nashville Humane Association/Mike Noble Photography

A dog rescued by Nashville Humane Association through Operation Broken Chain, Santa has already settled into the sweet pup he’s always meant to be in spite of what his life prior to rescue must have been like. He’s filling out his previously bony body and shows no hesitation with new people – especially if you’re holding a leash in your hand, ready to take him for a walk or to play a game of fetch!

You should stop by the Nashville Humane Association! It’s such a welcoming facility where you can cuddle the cats, play with the kittens in their giant treehouse room and take the pups for walks in the beautiful wooded and green fenced in backyard. They’re open Thursday – Tuesday 10a – 5p [except for Sunday when they open at 12 noon]. 213 Oceola Avenue, behind the Sprintz furniture store on White Bridge Road.

  1. Tish Osborn said:

    Hi Alexandra I’ve been meaning to email you much sooner. I saw “the husband” a bit ago when I returned Elliott to his daddy. Jeremy was outside gabbing with Matt. I hope you are doing well and your holiday was wonderful!

    I’m a Nashvillian now…I guess. I’m still looking for permanent housing. I’m subletting up on Fatherland and its really worked out nicely. I just love the peeps I’ve been meeting. Harley and I go to the dog park everyday and people have been extremely kind to us.

    I wanted to touch basis with you. My neighbor asked me to keep an eye out for a medium ish rescue dog. Maybe an adult dog that’s a bit chill. She has a great cat also so that’s a factor. If you see any that come into the shelter that might stand out could you text me or email? 760 519-4209

    I appreciate the assistance.

    Take care and hope to see you soon! Tish and Harley

    Sent from my iPad

    • Gma Tish! Will definitely keep an eye out for a low-key medium dog that’s good with cats. Have your neighbor keep an eye on the Nashville Humane Association website – if she sees a dog she might be interested in and has questions she’d like answered before she stops in for a visit, she’s welcome to email me! [alexandra [at] sweetbetweens [dot] com]. Heard J saw you at the coffee shop the other day. Surprised I haven’t run into you yet! See you at Elliott’s big shindig, I suppose! xo, @

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