Local denim crafters, Imogene + Willie, recently posted this image on their blog :

buy good things . own them a long time

This simple little image has become my mantra in Project 2013 : Simplify. Once I reach my goal weight, I hope to create a sophisticated and classic wardrobe, hopefully with some items from notorious Nashville-based crafters. I am starting my dream wardrobe list with a pair of Imogene + Willie Clarke rinse or Imogene stretch. Quickly followed by a pair of Peter Nappi Murdaugh‘s or Lucano‘s. I’m going to keep an eye on Otis James, too, and maybe pick up a cap like the Brawler – perfect for my wild + crazy, rolled-out-of-bed looking mane.

Do you have a list like this? Maybe not just for clothing but for furniture, or a new car or motorcycle. What is on your dream last-for-forever list?



  1. sarahsjoys said:

    Yes! Years ago I noticed that when I shopped at super inexpensive stores the clothes did not last long or wear well. I switched it up to investing in higher quality clothes and they looked so much better and lasted so much longer! My teaching career may as well have come with a patch that said “Sponsored by Ann Taylor.” Now my dream is a beautiful China hutch. Preferably one that is rustic-Asian in style. But that will have to wait until we move and save up for the ‘perfect’ piece! I’m totally over making due with IKEA. I mean, there’s definitely a time and a place for IKEA but not for pieces that you want to last a lifetime. We’re not in college anymore! ;)-

    • I was the same when I taught, too! Ann Taylor LOFT and Target were the clothes du jour. And after 1-2 washes became shapeless + faded. When I started baking my closet was all Old Navy Jeans and layerable tops – easy wash + wear from the flour, butter, cocoa, etc. But I forgot to invest in my clothes to wear outside of the kitchen! No better time than the present. We’ve got one lingering IKEA bedframe in our guest room. We’ve replaced all the rest with sale stuff from reputable furniture brands or finding those brands on Craigslist [which my husband is very good at]. I can’t wait till my parents finally downsize and I can take some of their furniture from HKG off their hands. :) In the meantime we’d love to get our hands on an authentic Eames chair or two. :)

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