Pinch Me!

pinchit landing page

my PINCHIT scrapbook profile/landing page

I recently blogged about the new, refreshed and simplified approach I am taking with my space here on the internets. [joke. yes, I know it is internet. singular.] In the midst of the brainstorming and planning for sweet betweens version 2.0 : simple + honest, I was contacted by Nathalie of PINCHIT. I had not yet heard of this visual scrapbooking website and was initially going to gloss over it and move on. Once I played around with the website, however, and saw the potential for a list-making, note-taking travel junkie like me, I was hooked.

piching in action

PINCHING action shot | Brooklyn BBQ restaurant I want to visit

Essentially PINCHIT is like PInterest for travel. I had actually just worked on creating some Pinterest boards for a few places in the world that I either revisit fairly predictably or plan on visiting in the near future [AVL, PDX, HKG]. Luckily I had not gotten too far into these boards as I spent the next few weeks, after being introduced to PINCHIT from Nathalie, creating some scrapbooks I am pretty pleased with.

pinch detail

details from a PINCH

There are a couple PINCHIT features that I am pretty impressed with. When you pinch a city guide that highlights several different restaurants, hotels, things to do, etc. [like Design*Sponge usually does] you can list all of the different venues in one simple pinch!

Each pinch is also linked to a map, so when you open a scrapbook a map will show up highlighting several of the pinches from that specific scrapbook.

I also like that you can add text to each pinch [like your pins in PInterest] so that instead of having to click through to the original web post featuring your pinches, you can make a quick note like “try the shrimp shu mai” that will show up when you look at that pinch.

scrapbook page

my favorite scrapbook | NASHVILLE!

Granted, PINCHIT is still in baby form and there are some issues that need to be tweaked and addressed. I recently was trying to pinch some tips for Athens, GA and Portland, ME and neither of those cities showed up on PINCHIT. I sent a short Help email to the PINCHIT tech folks and within 24 hours they had addressed this concern and added those cities to their repertoire.

I would love to see you on PINCHIT! Let me know [comment below, or send me a tweet!] if you do connect with me, so I can follow you! And Nashvillians – check out my Nashville scrapbook and let me know what I’m missing!



  1. Jenny (Pierce) Frederick said:

    Hey, old roomie! I’m so glad I found this!–I’ve been missing the inspiration I got from the runs you posted about on fb. We move back to PDX in 2014–let’s get together then, okay?

    • Jenny! YES! I’m so happy you found me here. I’m happy sans Facebook, mostly, but think about friends like you who I don’t have an easy opportunity to check in on. Please do stay in touch and let’s get together in PDX in 2014. It’s a date. :) xo, @

  2. Tabitha said:

    I’m still loving that other site you mentioned last week with the personality test. Now I’ll have to give this one a whirl.

    • it’s definitely still got some quirks [i.e. some pictures I pinched don’t show up, but apparently the tech folks are working on that]. but I love it for travel planning so far! I’m always making lists, taking notes when I watch shows or read magazine articles or blog posts. hope you like it as much as archetype me! xo, @

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