favorites of the week[s]

a few things I’ve done, seen + learned over the past few weeks that are worth sharing in a line or photo or two.

[a new weekly series, so I am catching up on the past few weeks]

01_2013.02.21 - {blvd} French Onion Soup + Wedge Salad 01

{blvd} : french onion soup + mediterranean wedge salad

Jeremy and I met a friend who was back in town for a visit at Arnold Myint‘s newly revamped {blvd} restaurant [formerly cha chah]. This was my first french onion soup that was creamy, and though the cheese could’ve used some more broiling, it was delicious! Salad was worth ordering again, too. Loved the pairing of the cool wedge lettuce with green goddess dressing.

02_2013.02.23 - Chinatown Lunar New Year Banquet 01

Chinatown restaurant Lunar New Year banquet

For the first time since we have been together, Jeremy and I made multiple plans to celebrate Chinese New Year during the the tail-end of the holiday. Our first celebration was at new-to-us Chinatown restaurant in Green Hills. We feasted with new friends and had a great time. The sweet and sour whole fish [the blue & white platter on the right] was the highlight of the meal, but every single one of the dozen or so dishes was delicious. Jeremy and I hope to return to Chinatown to satisfy our pretty regular cravings for Chinese food. Vivek recommends trying the braised pork belly, which is at the top of our list.

03_2013.02.23 - NHA Teddy's Wagon - Pearl 01

Pearl : dachshund mix at Nashville Humane Association

Now that I’m working pretty regularly during the week, I no longer am able to head over to the shelter to walk and socialize the pups like I used to. I am, however, spending most Saturdays with Teddy’s Wagon, NHA’s off-site roving adoption unit. Make sure to keep an eye out for the bright yellow RV with Teddy on the side when you’re out and about Saturday morning. You’re always welcome to come on board and tour the state-of-the-art customized interior and, of course, cuddle the pups and cats on board and available for adoption.

04_2013.02.24 - Bombay Bistro Chaat 01

bhel puri chaat at Bombay Bistro

Jeremy and I were meant to finish our Lunar New Year celebration the night after our Chinatown feast with a banquet organized by the Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville. Sadly, due to an event start time misprint on the tickets, we showed up just as dessert was being served. We didn’t  mourn for too long, though, as we were right around the corner from our favorite Indian restaurant in town, Bombay Bistro. Though I learned how to make a few different chaat recipes through a University School Nashville evening class, I’ve yet to tackle that myself so I always order some chaat variety when we’re out and it’s on the menu. This bhel puri is my favorite – sweet + sour tamarind sauce, cool yogurt, fresh veggies, fried bits and chickpeas. All for me!

05_2013.02.24 - Pinned It and Did It - Lemon Rind Cubes 02

07_2013.02.24 - Pinned It and Did It - Lemon Rind Cubes 10

pinned it and did it : lemon rind ice cubes

Yes! Something I pinned and actually did! No matter it’s simply some sliced lemon rinds in ice cubes. I used a large number of meyer lemons and oranges recently in some baking projects and rather than shoving a half or two of the rinds down the garbage disposal to freshen things up, I sliced the rind into skinny strips, placed 3-4 in each ice cube well, topped off with water and froze. Stored in a ziploc bag in the freezer, I grab two or three when the disposal’s starting to smell funky, whirr it around, and problem solved!

10_2013.03.03 - Doughworks Truck Gamecock + ZolliKoffee Chai

soy chai // zolli koffee . gamecock // doughworks craft doughnuts

Jeremy and I have a new Sunday morning routine. After I’ve made an early weekly grocery run to beat the pre- church rush, we head out to a coffee shop for some breakfast and work on some crossword puzzles [our favorite are from the Vanderbilt University Hustler newspaper] or play gin [I’m currently winning, but I doubt it will stay that way for long!]. We’ve been going to a new place each week, hoping to find a favorite where we will become regulars. On this Sunday we headed over to Jackalope Brewing Company who is sharing space with newly opened Zolli Koffee. After grabbing our morning java we ordered breakfast from the visiting Doughworks Craft Doughnuts truck. I had my first taste of hot[ish] chicken, topped with honey, dill-centric dressing and blue cheese crumbles. It was delicious! Hope I spy the truck around town again soon as I want to try one of their sweet offerings.

11_2013.03.04 - Vietnamese Roast Pork Salad 03

12_2013.03.04 - Vietnamese Roast Pork Salad 05

vietnamese sweet pork salad, slow cooker edition

My friend Sarah recently shared her version of a favorite Vietnamese dish of mine [she and I went to the same high school and actually traveled to Vietnam on the same school trip, though in different years]. Once I saw the recipe I couldn’t stop thinking about it. A quick Monday morning run to Interasian, where I was able to stock up on pretty much everything needed for the dish aside from the pork, lettuce and peanuts, and dinner was served. Bonus trip down memory lane not guaranteed for everyone! Highly recommend you make this dish if you’re a fan of Vietnamese flavors. I can’t wait till the weather’s warmer so I can try grilling the meat and getting that char flavor.

Angela Roi.jpg

Angela & Roi handbags

One of my favorite bloggers, Kelly at Design Crush, recently highlighted this wonderful concept. Purchase your favorite handbag from the selection of quality, timeless pieces and select a charity close to your heart to which some of the proceeds from your purchase will be sent. I personally have my eye on a Casual Shoulder bag in gray [when they’re back in stock!] with a brown ribbon in honor of my father-in-law who died of pancreatic cancer.

Tim’s Place / Albuquerque, New Mexico

Huffington Post Food recently featured Tim’s Place, the only restaurant in the United States [that this family is aware of, at least] owned by a young person with Down Syndrome. I wouldn’t care if the food was fantastic or mediocre, if I lived in Albuquerque I would have to make Tim’s a regular part of my schedule so I could get some of those genuine [and free!] hugs. Watch this video – but be sure you have some tissues nearby. It’s definitely a feel-good happy-maker!

What have you been up to lately? I’d love to know!



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