favorites of the week 2.0 – eatcentric

a few things I’ve done, seen + learned over the past few weeks that are worth sharing in a line or photo or two.

[eats at home]

2013.03.08 - strawberry-almond, blueberry-ginger-coconut paleo muffins

I made a bunch [3 dozen!] of paleo-friendly muffins so that Jeremy + I have quick and easy breakfast-on-the-go options [which, apparently, we’ve been needing after this whole Daylight Savings lose an hour thing]. I used this great recipe from Amazing Paleo for the strawberry ones and then made a blueberry-ginger-coconut version subbing coconut flour for the almond flour, blueberries for the strawberries, adding some candied ginger and dried coconut and a few extra egg whites to compensate for the incredible density you get while baking with coconut flour. They have been delicious and are easy freezer-to-toaster options for the ones you don’t finish in the first few days after they come out of the oven.

2013.03.10 - Mason Jar Roast Chicken [stock, lemon, garlic, thyme + rosemary]

We’ve been roasting a chicken at least once a week these days. This is my new go-to favorite – a vertical roast with the chicken sitting on a mason jar full of stock [which I made myself, thanks to inspiration from Kira!], two lemon quarters, fresh rosemary and thyme as well as a couple cloves of bruised garlic. The mix is packed with flavor and steams the chicken full of its deliciousness from the inside, while the skin that’s coated with some butter, salt and pepper gets crisp and brown. You should try it!

2013.03.09 - Peanut Butter Banana Blueberry Oat Parsley Dog Treats

I made a double batch of dog treats [loosely based on my Two-Ingredient Dog Treats] to use up some bruised fruit and finally get the dog some treats as I kept forgetting to stock back up on their favorite goodies. These are a mouthful – Peanut Butter-Banana-Blueberry-Oat-Parsley treats, made with some peanut butter, mashed bananas, mashed fresh blueberries, oatmeal and fresh parsley [for fresh breath!]. The dogs are digging them.

2013.03 - Herb Coated Roasted Baby Zucchini

I did a modified juice Nashville cleanse this week, where I drank juice all day until the evening where I joined Jeremy for a light dinner. One evening I used one of my recent favorite OXO tools to mince up some fresh parsley, rosemary and garlic, added some olive oil and coated some halved baby zucchini before tossing them in the oven for a quick roast or broil. Served on top of butter lettuce, it satisfied my need to chew and eat something warm [finally!] without going overboard on calories, carbs, etc.

[eats around town]

2013.03.12 - BBQ Shrimp & Grits [Whiskey Kitchen]

I met a recent alumna from my high school at Whiskey Kitchen for dinner with Jeremy and asked for recommendations as to what to eat, as usually I’m there for happy hour and am completely satisfied by their Tennessee Whiskey Yam Fries and Blue Ribbon Pub Cheese. I got a shout-out for the Shrimp n Grits and knew after the first bite that I hadn’t been steered wrong. The sauce hovered between sweet, savory and tangy, the shrimp were perfectly cooked, and I could’ve gone face-first into that mini kettle of grits if I hadn’t been out in public.

2013.03.15 - Back to Cuba

Last minute errand running had me by Back to Cuba which I’d seen on the twitters as a great recommend by Vivek and Amy and also has a great write-up in Jennifer Justus’ new book. Vivek + Amy both recommended the Carne Asado platter, served with rice and beans and a tamale, and thanks to Vivek I also got an order of sweet plantains, a Cubano sandwich and a deliciously sweet, tart + flakey guava cream cheese pastry. Don’t worry, I shared. And, y’all? If you haven’t been, you really must go. Jeremy and I already planning a return visit.

so, do tell. what’ve you been eating these days?



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