favorites of the week 3.0 – zuzu edition

If you follow me at all on twitter you might have caught on to the fact that I recently made a trip to New Jersey to see my family [my mom, dad, sister and paternal grandmother all still live in central NJ]. My visit was timed perfectly to introduce the latest addition to the New Jersey Tarans – Zuzu!

I grew up with a black labrador retriever, named Mushka [which is a Russian name that means ‘little black fly’]. She became a part of the family while we lived in the Philippines and over the next fourteen years of her life she traveled with us to New York City, New Jersey and Hong Kong.


In the recent year or so my parents were seriously beginning to entertain adding a dog to the family again. And so, Zuzu has made her grand entrance!

I was able to spend 5 days with the sweet [then] 9 week old puppy, so this week’s favorites round-up is dedicated to this sweet floppy-eared, snotty-nosed, puppy-breathed bundle of fur.


zuzu loves shopping!


beware the shark puppy!

zuzu | sweet betweens

crate training . nailed it!


and so it begins – zuzu’s a jersey girl!

zuzu | sweet betweens

sophie + zuzu during their new nightly routine : cuddle time!

zuzu | sweet betweens

squee! those eyes! those ears!!

zuzu + alexandra | sweet betweens

all . of . the . LICKING!

zuzu | sweet betweens

preferred sleeping position 01

zuzu | sweet betweens

preferred sleeping position 02

zuzu | sweet betweens

zuzu + sophie waiting for the school bus

and a video to ensure complete squee-ability :

  1. LOVE the pup stuff! And that video….too cute! She is such a sweetie and so cute with Sophie. Thanks for sharing :-)

    • aw, thanks Jen! I’m always selfishly indulging a little bit when I post personal stuff, so I’m always happy to hear something like this makes others happy, too! xo, @ [PS – congrats on surviving another 2013 juice cleanse! :)]

  2. Nancy said:

    Don’t you wish you could bottle that cuteness up for a rainy day. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the coming months – I love how all these different people from all around the world have come together through Food Blogger Pro. Gives me a window on the world beyond my window.

  3. GAH, I love her! The video is indeed squee-worthy. And I love the pic of her + your sis waiting for the school bus – too cute!

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