about alexandra

I was born in Paris, France, grew up in Asia and currently live in Nashville, TN.

tattoos [final]

I am a self-taught baker learning to navigate the ways of savory cooking in my home kitchen.

I love to travel [especially to Portland, Oregon and Asheville, NC] and am always planning my next trip. But as much as I love to pack my bags and hit the road, I also love to come home to our quirky little neighborhood on the East side of Nashville.

I was a pretty strict vegetarian for about 5 years. I recently [in 2012] started incorporating some meat back into my diet thanks to some great local farms and CSA programs here in middle TN [namely Peaceful Pastures]. I gained more than the freshman fifteen when I started baking retail and since I was more a carbtarian than a vegetarian decided to incorporate lean meats into my diet to help me reach my goal weight.


our wedding . September 29, 2007 . Asheville, NC [W + R Photographers]

I’ve been together with my husband since we started dating in January of 2003 and married to him since September of 2007. We have two dogs that round out our family – Rosey, a chow-pit [or East Nashville Special] that we rescued in 2003 and Ramble, a Boston Terrier mix that we rescued in 2009.

rosey + ramble

This blog is an outlet for my personal interests and passions. I don’t make any money from this space, though I may occasionally receive products for free. I only accept products and experiences if they are already a natural fit to my lifestyle. I’ll share my thoughts and reviews if I believe those products and/or experiences will be of value to you!

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Want to know anything else? Email me or leave a comment on this page or a blog post. I’d love to know more about you and answer your question[s]!


* I sign most of my emails + all of my blog posts with the “@” symbol as prior to getting married, my initials were A.T., or “at”.

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